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Web upgrade: 05/24/20 - As everyone should be able to see we have had a major upgrade to  I've replace the old static text only page with something with a bit more flare.   It's not finished yet but will improve over time. -  N7IPB
Analog Talk Groups:  The PNW220 repeater system now has analog talk groups. While similar to DMR they are NOT DMR nor are they connected to DMR in any way though both use a similar talk group structure.
Analog talk groups are simply a means by which you, on demand, can link the repeater you’re on with one or more other machines in the PNW220 system. While linked in this way all conversations on machines linked to a common talk group share audio connections while all others not on that talk group hear nothing or can be used for other conversations.  For more information see the menu entry for Talk Groups.

BALDI upgrade: 09/06/20 - Baldi received an upgraded controller and a new Bridgecom repeater today.  The new controller is a Raspberry Pi 4 with the SVXLink software we run on the other repeaters.  All the commands are the same and linking is provided by HamWAN.