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UPDATE: 7/13/22  Announcing SVXportal
SVXportal is an open source project provided by SA2BLV and is in use on many SVXlink systems world wide.  It shows dynamic information about what repeaters are up and running, real-time signal strength measurements, statistics about activity as well as talk group and CTCSS tables and much more.
Note: some of the information displayed is for systems undergoing construction and/or test.  (Haystack, Crawford etc.)
Check it out via the link on the left.
UPDATE: 6/20/22 
Bawfaw (Boistfort Peak) is back up and running. Check it out on 224.080 -1.6
UPDATE: 05/30/2022
A lot has happpened since the last update.
Capitol Peak lost it's Internet connection last week but fortunately we still have the old RF link to Lyman in place. That has been activated and is now providing connectivity.
As a result of using the RF link you will notice the system announcements for Capitol being heard throughout the system. We are awaiting word on whether we will be able to keep the repeater on Capitol or not. If it stays we'll be providing Internet and things will go back to normal.
Rattlesnake was removed from operation last week. For the moment the best bet for everyone is to use the Lake Forest machine (224.22) or Baldi (224.88. We have a number of opportunities to fill in the old Rattlesnake coverage this summer/fall. I'll keep everyone posted.
BawFaw has been sent off to be re-installed and with a little luck it will be back up in June.
In addition several new locations are in the works and hopefully we'll have more info soon.