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Loss of DNR repeater sites.
UPDATE: 12/06/2021
The Gold site was taken down this past Friday.  We're working on a replacement location but it will take time. 
UPDATE: 11/27/2021
The Gold and Blyn sites are no longer linked.  The HamWAN equipment is no longer available so while the repeaters still function they are operating stand alone.
Sometime in December the Gold and Blyn sites will go silent.  It's unknown when or where replacements will go back up.  We certainly do want to regain the coverage we're losing but it's not a trivial effort.
Rattlesnake has been returned to the linked system until at least next April.  We'll let everyone know the status as we get closer to that date.  NOTE:   While Rattlesnake is linked its real time signal strength and status are not currently being fed to the web pages.
Capitol Peak is still linked but its real time signal strength and status are not currently being fed to the web pages.
NEWS:  10/24/2021
Do to circumstances beyond our control almost all of our repeaters on Department of Natural Resources land are going to have to be taken down. 
Essentialy DNR oversold sites and hams under-reported occupancy.  
As usual the whole story is much more complicated but the result is we will be losing some repeaters until such time as we either find new locations or DNR will open for ham access again.  This is likely to be no earlier than mid 2022.
The repeaters/sites we are losing are:
Capitol Peak UHF - 440.500
Gold Mountain - 224.660
Blyn Lookout - 224.100
We may also lose:
Rattlesnake - 224.580 - Negotiating for it to remain
As a result of the loss of Capitol Peak we also lose all the RF linked repeaters. The repeaters remain operational they just won't be linked
Cougar - 224.440
Nicoli - 224.280
In addition HamWAN is removing their equipment from DNR sites and since we use them for linking on BawFaw the repeater there (once the TX is repaired)  will run standalone until we can work out some other means of internet access.  If we have good cell coverage we can use an LTE modem but until the site is visited we won't know.
In the meantime we're working on removing equipment/antennas.
Ken - N7IPB